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Is your marketing falling flat? Struggling to connect with your audience?

This episode of Marketing That Pops exposes the culprits. From outdated trends and audience mismatch to forgettable visuals and unclear calls to action, we reveal the common pitfalls of sabotaging your content. Dive into actionable tips to turn things around: leverage trending tactics, find your ideal audience online, prioritize relevant content, invest in impactful visuals, craft strong CTAs, optimize for each platform, maintain brand consistency, and embrace A/B testing. Don't guess. Track your progress, and watch your content truly pop!

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How do I Kickstart Marketing for My Business?
How do I Kickstart Marketing for My Business?


In this episode of "Marketing that Pops," hosts Michele Ringelberg and Olivia Johnson discuss the challenges small businesses face in marketing, such as budget constraints, audience...

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2023 Viral Marketing Moments
2023 Viral Marketing Moments


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Welcome to Marketing That POPs: A Podcast for Inspiring Business Growth
Welcome to Marketing That POPs: A Podcast for Inspiring Business Growth


Welcome to the podcast, where we teach you how to create marketing that pops! Get ready for refreshing conversations with industry experts, trendsetters, and creative minds that'll...

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What’s Marketing that pops?

Welcome to "Marketing That POPS," the podcast that takes your marketing game from flat to fabulous! Join us for some lively chats with industry experts, trendsetters, and creative minds that'll leave you buzzing with new ideas.
Whether you're on the hunt for marketing inspiration, practical tips to help your business grow, or just eager to whip up some unforgettable designs, "Marketing That POPS" is your go-to source for building marketing strategies that actually work. So, let's crank up the excitement for your business – it's time to get popping!

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Meet the hosts

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Michele Ringelberg


The powerhouse owner and CEO of ThrivePOP, Michele brings a wealth of marketing experience and a passion for sharing practical insights that drive success.

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Olivia Johnson

Director Of Marketing

As the Director of Communication and the strategic mastermind behind the podcast, Olivia adds a spark to every episode. Her knack for storytelling and out-of-the-box thinking will keep you engaged and inspired.

Want to be a guest?

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Why we started mtp?

Our passion for marketing drives us to be a valuable resource for our clients. Starting this podcast was our approach to assist marketers like you providing that extra edge that elevates their marketing endeavors to a level where it truly POPS! We are committed to delivering insights, strategies, and innovative ideas that empower marketers to stand out and achieve unparalleled success.



What is this Marketing that POPs about?

Marketing that POPs" is a podcast dedicated to providing tools, tips, and tricks for a successful marketing strategy. 

How often do new episodes come out?

You can expect new episodes from your marketing gurus weekly on Fridays.

Where can you listen to the podcast?

The "Marketing that POPs" podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Can I suggest a topic or guest for your podcast?

Of course! We love to hear from you. Send any topics or guest suggestions to our email at Your input is valuable, and we're always open to exploring new ideas and featuring content that resonates with our audience. Feel free to reach out, and thank you for being a part of the "Marketing that POPs" community!

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